Oreo Schwartz Improv Troupe

Real & Imagined: An Improvised Mash-Up

Abby Karp, director

Which is more true? The stories we tell of events in our past, or the theater inspired by their themes and threads? Oreo Schwartz presents REAL stories and IMAGINED scenes, inspired by a suggestion from the audience. The piece you will see on stage has never been performed before, and will never be seen again...

I am from Greensboro.  Attended more improv classes, workshops and intensives than I can name; highlights include weeks at Second City, Bay Area Theatre Sports, and the Spolin Workshop in Wisconsin.

Improvisation embodies two important sayings for me: “Be here now” and “Make haste slowly.” Creation coming from immersion in the moment has a truth and beauty and humor that enchants me.  My inspirations include; Lily Tomlin, and a group of not-so-famous improvisors: Greg Hohn, Anoo Brod, Dan Sipp, and their troupes, Transactors and Third Date.

An obstacle for me has been the impulse to entertain and amuse through quick-wittedness, rather than to let things unfold as they will -- both in life and in art.  The greatest reward of being an artist for me today is that my improv community consists of people who want to take risks and make connections and have fun, which is very rewarding. As well, I love those moments on stage where you know exactly who you are and what you need to say and do, without deliberate conscious effort. That feeling of flow.

Words of Wisdom to Young Female Artist:  Try not to calibrate your art based on praise or criticism, but learn from those you trust deeply.

What I want to say to my fellow female artists:  May the Schwartz be with you. :)