Terri Ingalls

Mr. Sears

As a new Piedmont Airlines stewardess in 1966, I had one of those days that included snacks, an FAA inspector, a small mechanical error, and an olive. The good news was that there were no Saint Bernards or canaries involved.

I am from Mt. Airy, NC and have been doing this for 10 years.  I have a Degree in Theatre from UCSD – San Diego and I do this because I love the power of stories to heal; connect; empower; entertain; and teach.  I am inspired by life; literature; and people.  I have - for the most part - had awesome support, love and encouragement all the way. The greatest reward of doing this is the people I get to meet and study with; seeing the audience when they are totally with the story.  A challenge I face?  Naturally I would like to find venues closer to home at which to tell stories but my greatest challenge is finding enough time in a day to complete my “chores” and still work on new material.

Words of Wisdom to a Young Female Artist:  Find the strongest and most challenging community you can and become part of it. Always write/perform for the most talented and well-informed person you can imagine. When you get to the point you think your performance is good – that’s when the real work begins so keep going. Don’t hold back.

What I would like to say to my fellow female artists:  I love to watch almost all performers. Women bring such a different energy, power, and insight to the world and to life. We are uniquely and wonderfully created and therefore our art is uniquely and wonderfully created. I am so grateful to be a small part of that community and energy. This is going to be fun.